Company History

Selbach Machinery L.L.C. was founded in 1996. Prior to that, the company operated as Selbach Consulting (1989 – 1996).

Until December 2004, the main office was located in Montvale, New Jersey – USA with a machine manufacturing facility in Eppingen, Germany. In January 2005, the company moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, where we now have our main office and the production facility for Tungsten needles.


Herbert Selbach, the founder of the company, holds a master degree in production engineering from the University of Applied Sciences of Cologne, Germany.
He has over 40 years of experience in design, research & development of products and machinery for precision parts, fiber optics, and needle manufacturing.
Before establishing his own business, Mr. Selbach headed several companies in the United States involved in manufacturing of high precision parts for the automotive industry (Schütte, Chester Precision), and wire drawing and wire grinding, as well as needle manufacturing machines (Schumag-Kieserling).
Apart from this, he has helped a number of European companies in establishing new manufacturing operations in the United States. He also consults law firms in patent and insurance issues in the field of needle manufacturing.



With many years in the needle and wire industry, we have accumulated a wealth of inside knowledge about our industry.
Due to our involvement and special knowledge of customer’s projects and operations, confidentiality is very crucial. Our customers are guaranteed the highest standards of ethics and confidentiality when working with us.
Unless a customer gives us explicit permission to use his company as reference, we do not disclose any business connections or details. This is also the reason, why we do not publicize a customer reference list.